My Story

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I learn from my successes, failures, and observations.  All of these moments contribute in allowing me to brainstorm a vision and translate that vision into a visual reality.  My long term goal is to be a part of an innovative and growing movement or organization.

My name is Steven Galante and I am a visual media director and producer from Manchester, NH.  I collaborate with experts in the arts of music, film, dance, design, culinary and fine art, in addition to capturing content in the spaces of athletics, education, culture, nature and more, to create video and photography assets.  I graduated from The University of New Hampshire, Class of 2015 with a B.A. in Communication: Media Practices / minor in Cinema Studies and I am a graduate from Southern New Hampshire University, Class of 2018 with an M.S. in Organizational Leadership.

Collaboratively or independently, I am capable of effectively producing and/or directing engaging content and visual stories.  As a marketing strategist and visual media expert; from pre-production through post-production, I see myself growing with each project I complete.

The three main categories of my work are people, places and things.  Categorization of my work is described in this way, because from a macro level view, everyone, every place, and every thing has a story that is just waiting to be told.  From a micro level analysis, each piece is unique and has something to say in it’s own right, even when attached to a larger collection that may tell you more, or change the narrative completely. Regardless of the approach taken during the content creation; for rhetoric, vérité, cinematic voyeurism, etcetera; I welcome you to derive your own meaning from each piece.

I am confident in saying, any opportunity I receive will be executed in an efficient, organized, timely, and creative manner.

Thank you for taking the time to regard my work, because I truly love creating it.